PT. IBSG has developed the advanced expertise in Battery Regeneration field. Since its establishment, the company has developed business in Southeast Asia. Until now, the development and improvement of battery regeneration has become the company’s main field.

The company has many experiences in regenerating various types of industrial batteries for UPS, Telecommunications, Forklifts, Golf Carts and Power Plants. All our projects regarding our solutions are welcomed with great satisfaction and positive feedback among our customers.

BRAVO MCS, our battery regeneration solution, is specifically designed to be environmentally friendly with world-patented environment-friendly technology where it can provide a second life for industrial batteries without paying high prices.

We provide the solutions for your battery operation, management and regeneration that has proven successful in the marketplace which makes our name trustworthy among our customers.

By carefully paying attention to the needs, hopes and concerns of its customers, iBSG has also created exclusive products that skillfully and perfectly meet the increasing demands of clients.

To keep developing in the shopisticated industry, it is important to monitor the development of new technologies and master technical aspects and methods. iBSG recognizes the importance of investing to create unmatched products and achieving its mission: to become an industry leader thanks to its broad expertise and customized products and services.

Without doubt, all iBSG achievements have one thing in common: the best quality. Quality is the main concern in the company’s activities. Since initial discussions with prospective clients, the company has ensured quality and strict compliance with applicable standards, from evaluation to final delivery to clients.

At iBSG, we strive to serve our customers with enthusiasm and dedication, trying to meet all their needs. And we will continue to devote our best efforts to improve our products and solutions to make the world greener.

Think Green, Go BRAVO MCS!