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bbms, FBMS

Easy management for monitoring battery parameters

the electric equipment monitoring system

Easy management for monitoring battery parameters in real time: Voltage, Current, Room Temperature, Internal Resistance, Battery Temperature. Sending real time report of battery status wirelessly to the system. By utilizing IoT (Internet of Things) technology, users can monitor usage and battery of their equipment with computer or smart devices. Manage your logistics equipment with Data Mining, AI (Artificial Intelligence) and status diagnosis using Big Data Technology.

Monitoring system is manufactured with international patent technology. Furthermore, by embedding a life predicting algorithm according to user environment, active maintenance operation is feasible through prior maintenance. Industrial batteries are expensive consumables and one of the major fixed costs that require periodic replacement.

Our innovative system reduce costs through efficient resource management and utilization.

BBMS (BTS Battery Monitoring System)

BBMS is our product to measure pressure on the battery cable when charging or when operating normally done in the BTS battery storage

FBMS (Forklift Battery Monitoring System)

The Electric Equipment Monitoring System of MarooOn is applicable to logistics equipment, e.g. battery operated golf carts and electric forklifts.