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Extend and maximize the life of your battery


Don’t wait any longer, stop wasting valuable money and get the best out of your batteries with Maroo MCS. Regenerated battery capacity up to more than 80 ~ 100% of battery capacity. Extend and maximize the life of your battery. The most efficient prevention and regeneration treatments for your battery. Maroo MCS dissolves hardened sulfate using high-frequency pulse techniques and returns it to the active ingredient.

Maroo MCS battery regeneration machine ensures a quick regeneration and expands the life span of the batteries significantly.
Primary reason for the short life time and disposal of a lead acid battery is Sulfation.
Maroo MCS battery regeneration process is specifically designed to desulphate your battery completely. Our battery regeneration machine restore your degraded battery by removing lead sulfate crystals from the electrode plates.


In this model with a 300 AH battery volume it can work to regenerate battery such as Car Battery, UPS Battery, and other battery requirements according to the available volume


With a battery volume reaching 1000 AH on this model can regenerate heavy equipment batteries or supporting equipment for industries such as Electric Forklift Batteries and other General Purpose


This model is a product with our highest capacity to regenerate battery. With a battery volume of 3000 AH it can regenerate Telecommunications (Base-Station) battery, Power Plans and other uses that use large capacity battery