n recent years, telecom sites all over the world have been suffering from battery theft.

The Problem

The assumption was that batteries were being stolen for recycling lead contents or for self-use. But it turns out that a large part is smuggled outside the borders and some are even sold in the local black market.

This phenomenon is increasing. Mobile network operators are spending hundreds of thousands of dollars every year on replacing stolen batteries and security.

Cell tower Battery thefts became a global problem!

The theft of the batteries and the damage to telecom sites has the potential to cause a serious impact not only on the industry, but also on the economy, by causing disruptions to the network provisions, while disconnecting many areas from services, including essential services. 

This phenomenon also does not overlook LIB batteries, which are frequently stolen.

Additional Challenges

The 5G era is approaching and brings with it additional challenges:

  • Increase in the number of sites
  • Increase of network energy consumption
  • High electricity costs

This will enhance the phenomenon and its implications!

Mobile network operators are trying to deal with this phenomenon in different ways:

  • Installing security cameras
  • Installing battery safes
  • Increase the amount of security personnel
  • Utilizing heavy, 2V batteries
  • And more…

The Solution

Easily and commonly done by many companies to protect battery cell towers from theft is to use metal frames that form like a tightly enclosed cage so that thieves are hard to take because there are no gaps or if you want to be more modern you can use a tracking device if the battery is successfully carried by a thief then we will find out where the battery is located. It has proven itself worldwide and saved hundreds of thousands of dollars to its customers.

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